My livelihood comes from photography, a mix of my own work, commercial, events and wedding photography. At weddings, my style is a mix of candid and formal and I can adjust the balance as you wish. My usual approach is to get the traditional formal pictures that everyone associates with a wedding and then a lot of candid, record-the-day pictures of people interacting. After taking wedding photos for twenty years, Iím sure Iíve been to a thousand weddings and have experience in a wide range of circumstances. Iíve never missed a wedding and never been rattled or fazed by circumstances; part of my kit is a full set of back-up gear. I enjoy weddings, have a relaxed, cordial manner and am careful to cover all of the event. When time is set aside for planned pictures, Iíll take charge and keep everyone on task. Otherwise, I like to stay in the background and be invisible. If your guests have no memory of seeing me there, thatís ideal.

    A major difference between my approach and other photographers is that, by me, you end up owning the pictures. Most photographers want to arrange a package plan where you get a set number of prints. Any additional copies you have to order from the photographer at a substantial mark-up. What Iíve heard is that the most unanticipated expenses in a wedding can come from photography. The way I work there wonít be such a surprise. I charge a flat fee for my service and then give you the images.


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