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August 14, 2005

McMenamins Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, Oregon


Elementary Teacher

About Our Wedding:

Our Wedding Day!

Getting ready...

My handsome DH...

Seeing each other for the first time...

Some formal shots...

Yeah, we're supposed to be Charlie's Angels...

The Ceremony

My brother walked my mom down the aisle. Together they placed a white rose on the altar in memory of our youngest brother who we lost 2 summers ago. The other white rose was placed by DHs mom in memory of DHs father.

Me and my dad...

Just married!

Cutting the cake to "When I'm 64"

The cake - note that hydrangeas don't hold up well in 95 degree heat!

The tables...

Our first dance to "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green

Father/Daughter dance to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by Israel K. I'm told there wasn't a dry eye in the whole tent...

The bouquet toss to "Hey Ladies" by the Beastie Boys. My cousin's very young girlfriend dove for it like a dog in heat - this has my aunt and grandmother in a tizzy to say the least...

The garter toss to "Don't Worry About It" by NERD. My brother caught it!

Here are some of my favorite reception pics...

Vendor Reviews

Venue & Catering: McMenamins Grand Lodge: A+
The Grand Lodge provided us with the absolute perfect location for our wedding! We held our rehearsal, ceremony, and reception at the Grand Lodge, and I can’t say enough about their catering and event staff. Chuck, our event manager, was truly outstanding, as was our catering captain, Matt. From the moment we arrived and began getting ready, if we had a need, they were on it immediately. The timing of the service at the reception flowed seamlessly, the food and drink were great, and all of the servers were extremely professional and efficient. They just went above and beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend the Grand Lodge to anyone looking for a beautiful venue that is full of character with an exceptional event staff.

Note: If you're thinking of planning or are already planning a wedding at the Grand Lodge, insist that you work with Chuck as opposed to the other event managers - page me if you'd like me to elaborate!

Photography: Brian Foulkes: A+
We really enjoyed working with Brian. He worked so hard from the moment he arrived until the moment he left on our wedding day. He was very organized and professional, kept everyone in line during formal photos (which can be a challenge with my family!), and to top it all off, he’s just a great guy in general. He also photographed my dad and step mom’s wedding a few years ago, so I knew he did great work, and the work he did with us more than lived up to that. We are thrilled with our wedding photos. He did the perfect blend of formal and candid shots, and some of the candid moments he captured are some of my favorite photos of our whole wedding. The best part of it all is that he’s totally affordable, and we get to keep all of our negatives and proofs too, which was not something we were willing to give up. He’s definitely one of the Portland wedding photography industry’s best kept secrets, and I highly, highly recommend him!

Ceremony Music: Duo Con Brio - string quartet: A+
Corey was very professional and helpful throughout our planning process. They are a very talented group of musicians, and played beautifully. We received many compliments on the ceremony music from our guests. They also provided amplification for our minister, which worked out well. Again, highly recommended.

Flowers: Blooming Bouquets - Kelly: B
While I was very pleased with the my bouquet, BM bouquets, corsages, bouts, and altar flowers, I was semi-disappointed in our centerpieces. They just weren’t quite what I envisioned, and weren’t entirely done in the manner and colors I requested. Kelly was also not good about returning phone calls once I had signed a contract with her. The two times I called her, one with a question, the other with a change to my order (adding to it in fact!) she simply did not return my phone calls at all. I just had to keep calling her after a few days until I reached her. This is not acceptable with any vendor. All in all the flowers were pretty, and we received many positive comments about them, especially the bouquets.

Hair & Makeup: AJ Lane: A
I LOVED my hair and makeup on my wedding day. My hair came out exactly how I wanted it, although I was sweating so much because of the heat that some of it went a little limp after an hour or two, but that’s not AJ’s fault. I love what AJ does with makeup - she kept me looking natural, but really brought out my eyes in a way I’ve never seen them before. She also did a spectacular job with my BMs and my mom. The only reason her “A” isn’t an “A+” is because of a few communication issues that existed early on in the planning process, but they were resolved (I think because she read my rant about her on the knot!). Her prices are reasonable, and she comes to you wherever you are. I was just so pleased with her work, as was DH!

DJ: A Sound Choice Entertainment - Anthony Wedin: A+
Anthony actually owns A Sound Choice Entertainment, which I knew going into this so I requested him specifically amongst the many DJs he employs. I figured going right for the DJ who’s livelihood depends on the success of his company was a safe bet - and it really paid off. Anthony was outstanding. People I didn’t even know had ever set foot on a dance floor were tearing it up at our reception - it was so much fun! Anthony honored all of our requests, including a specific one which banned country music from our reception (no offense country fans - we’re just not, and this was our one day to be total music Nazis!) Despite the incessant begging of one of my friends, he held hard and fast to that preference of ours. Thanks Anthony! Highly recommended.

Videography: Show & Tell Video Productions - Dawn: A
Our wedding video turned out very nicely, and I'm happy we chose to spend the money to have it documented in another media in addition to photos. I saw things on the video I had no idea were going on at the time, so it is so nice to have that extra perspective. Dawn was fun to work with, yet stayed out of the way to where we hardly knew she was there most of the time, and worked really well with our photographer. She captured some priceless moments that we will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Wedding gown & BM dresses: Tower Bridal: A+
Everything came in on time, if not a week or two early, and their prices beat another shop I also found my gown at. I like their no-nonsense, get right down to business attitude too. If a dress didn’t look right on me, they didn’t waste my time fawning over me to fluff me up and make me feel good. It was on to the next dress right away.

Alterations: Kathi’s Stitchery: A++++++++++++++++
How much do I LOVE Kathi? I’m actually sad to not be working with her anymore. She made my dress look like it was designed and dreamed up just for me. Loved it, loved her. She made my garters and my veil for me too. She charges less than the bridal shops as well. Plus she's just such a good hearted person. I can’t possibly say enough to do her justice. I heart Kathi.

Tuxes: Mr. Formal: A+
The tuxes were ready on time, and fit the guys well. We had a classy-lookin’ bunch of men in our wedding, I must say!

Honeymoon: Hawaiian Airlines: A
What a cool airline! From the moment you board the plane on the mainland they make you feel like you’re already on vacation, and this is coming from someone who HATES flying! Hawaiian music playing as you board, videos of Hawaiian sights you can anticipate on your visit, they even serve Mai Tais on board (for a small fee of course). Their ticketing counter at PDX is a little confusing because Delta does their ticketing, and it was difficult to figure out what line was the right one to be in. But we asked the guy in a Hawaiian shirt who was PLAYING A UKULELE (too perfect!), and he sent us in the right direction, so it all worked out.

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort, Maui: A+
Beautiful location. The only resort actually located on the beach in Lahaina, within walking distance of all of the great restaurants and galleries Lahaina has to offer. We had an oceanfront studio on the 3rd floor with a lanai that was about 20 yards from the ocean. It was so beautiful. This isn’t one of those super-resorts, like in Ka’anapali, so its pretty quiet, which is nice for a honeymoon, in my opinion. We were thrilled with our choice in hotels. Maui was gorgeous - such a variety of activities, we could have stayed a month and not gotten to do everything we wanted to. Darn, guess we’ll have to go back! One word of caution about Maui: Be prepared to pay through the nose for EVERYTHING! Its totally worth it just to be there, but make sure you have the funds (or the credit card) to take it on.

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort on Maui. We stayed 10 romantic, relaxing days for our honeymoon!

The beach where DH proposed. "Lover's Beach" in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
It's right on the tip of the Baja peninsula, between the Sea of Cortez & the Pacific
Ocean, and can only be reached by water taxi. So romantic!

DH and I celebrating our engagement just hours after the event with my family in Cabo.

Here are a couple of bachelorette party pics...

Dinner & a whole lotta drinks with a few of my ladies at Vault Martini. Love that place!

A lil' dancing & more cocktails at the Greek Cuisina. This is me, MOH, and BM. My memory of this is a little bit hazy at this point...

DH and I in December 2004.

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